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Release Date: July 4, 2021

Artist: Lawpacks
Duration: 4.55
Lyricist(s): Nischal Khadka
Producer(s): Lawpacks
Record Label: Independent
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In "Sasalko", Lawpacks are as experimental and as venturous as ever. Built on a raw groove, weighty distortions, echoes and layers of futuristic electronica production that progresses in dynamics, a lulling vocal performance holds together its space-y, dreamy aura. The track launches with a cavalcade of pulsing percussion and indistinguishably processed samples accompanied by a light-hearted but concise description of a personal inward journey from the guest Nischal Khadka. "Sasalko" is unusual but melodic, and a jarring image of a wanderer's introspective search for meaning and purpose. A sassy flute line overtakes the melodic role relentlessly re-contextualizing itself over varying foundations. The majority of vocals are laced with echo and make the listener hone in intently; it's more than a collection of words and melodies. The selection of instruments are also interesting. At less than five minutes, Lawpacks has explored sounds and textures that have long been untouched. Nothing about this track is conventional. Lawpacks is not a household name, and may never be, but there is a cult following awaiting it and this new release further endorses its credentials as one that is not afraid to be different.

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rasik sayami

rasik sayami

July 7, 2021

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