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Noodle advocates for protection, recognition and appreciation of the artist. Noodle believes in providing more agency to the artist and builds awareness around piracy, artist support and music rights in the Nepali music scene.

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Ankit Shrestha

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Bhaskar Swar

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Spit Strings

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Harip Tatwo



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Discovering and Propelling Your Local Artists to Newer Beginnings

Monetary obligations are an integral part of any modern day activity and the same rules apply for music as well. For the first time ever in Nepal, Noodle gives artists the access to GoFundMe and other financial platforms and the power of hosting crowdfunding events at their will. Be it for a new album or a video or a gig or anything, everyone will now have the power to support their favorite artists for the same: locally and globally ! Check in time and again to see how you can do that !


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Get high quality digital singles and albums as per your liking for satisfying the music collector within you. Here is your digital “Mahaboudha” per se but with licensed albums and 30 second previews before you purchase it online. All of it, just ONE TAP AWAY.


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A one stop shop for all your favorite artists’ merchandise and accessories with online payment options and safe deliveries. Here we have an online store right IN YOUR POCKET to shop your favorite merch.


Fuel Your Favorite Artists’ Drive

Crowdfunding events to support your favorite artists’ through local and international payment portals. Support portal for recordings, merchandise, videos and any other purpose your favorite musicians might need a hand with. All of these from YOUR PHONE!


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Online payment options for everyone in Nepal or outside of Nepal. Get Noodle today on your Android and iOS devices.