Ulto Chalachitra [EP]

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Ulto Chalachitra [EP]

Release Date: June 24, 2021

Artist: Jindabaad
Duration: 44:16
Lyricist(s): Jindabaad
Producer(s): Jindabaad
Record Label: Independent

A decade long wait and of bits and pieces heard here and there, this has been on the works for quite some time now. Moreover, come to think of it, maybe what we hear now which are the final versions of these tunes, wouldn’t have been the same if due time was not taken; be it due to internal reasons or be it due to mixes that didn’t feel right. “Ulto Chalachitra EP” is here now and maybe that’s all that matters. Let’s mention this straight away that the Full Experience version included in the EP as well as the combo pack is the EP in its entirety with piano sections and transitions turning the 4 songs into a single chunk as meant to be packaged by the band. Delving into the release, we start off things with a bang - the fabled “Jindabaad 1”. With lyrical inputs from Bibhusan Basnet, the pokemon of our music scene, the mix sounds fresh and the song screams epicness from the start. If you know that band, then you know that each member is on the verge of finding Boudhitwa in their respective instruments and you hear all of this crisp and clear... each section carefully planned, each member shining collectively. “Euta dhun chha - ma bhitra euta - Ulto Chalachitra” and you know where the album name came from. Fresh ocean waves with irregular crests and troughs, the highs and lows and switches in time signature. This is a juicy song for the lack of a better word. “Noonilo chha – Ragat huna sakcha yo – Ya avasesh hola – Samundra ko” – the imagery that the words paint along with the sonic diversity presented here is immersive and you know that this is a key track on the EP. Each part has been planned delicately, intricately and spot on. One of the strongest opening tracks ever to an EP per se. “Hatkela” comes in next and many know this one pertaining to the live sessions but the final studio output is even punchier and is destined to be a crowd sing along in future gigs. Reminiscent of the 00s alternative genre and of Incubus in the most respectable way. The song is anthemic in its approach, a crunchy composition and the 2:25 mark ‘gangsta rap’ surprise – yes we like to stretch things a bit sometimes – is a lovely segue before the keys solo. The 'Oh eh oh' in a reggae infused moment will surely be a Tokyo Dome – GNR – 'You sing one, I sing one' moment someday and the overall song is mellow and melodic in its tone. The third track “Again” comes in and has the most different start from the usual Jindabaad songs that shows how each member has grown sonically or stemmed out. An almost acoustic lofi intro assuring you of smiling and flying again gives way to an almost Japanese Indie Rock intro. This is a bright tune and that is another different aspect of this record. Out of the doom and gloom or "the must be intense" stereotype - this is a playful tune with a lovely instrumentation and sections and did we say - bright? Yes, real bright.. like a happydent white smile *subtle product placement... and... still no sponsorship* SAD... Anyways!! Getting back to the record, we need to mention that the keys are next level on this record... not taking anything away from anyone here... it's just that... there's something specla about the approach to the keyboards on this one. And we say it on the record here that there will be some who will say “Yo ta prog bhaena... oho heavy bhaena”... just understand that bands and sounds evolve and if every song was Rewind Part 6 or Shades of You Part 8 – you’d be complaining more. “Jindabaad II” is the closing track and the story behind this song is the inspiration behind the EP’s artwork done by the cowlee that is phat. The opening and closing tracks are definitely the highlights of this EP and is magical when played continuously live. This starts off where Part I left off promising a banger of a 6-minute journey. If you weren’t born in the democracy aandolan or any other bidroha days of Nepal maybe this is what it felt like; the urge to scream out “Jindabaad” at the top of your lungs. “Ma aadhi apawaad ta hu – Jindabaad – Jindabaad” feels like an epic climax to a self-reflective journey where the protagonist finally sees the truth, whatever it may be, has now been accepted. An epic solo and a Wilson-ish transition before the final chorus, this song is bound to please any prog lover. A balanced EP and a proper mix and with the full experience thrown into the equation, we predict a submersive weekend in store for you.

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Saurav Rajbhandari

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