Prakriti Prabriti

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Prakriti Prabriti

Release Date: Aug. 27, 2020

Artist: Jaire
Duration: 00:15:47
Record Label: Independent

The EP starts with “Basanta Jeewan” that kicks off with a frantic but clean tapping and hihat and rimshot rambles as if the actual spring season is about to begin after a chaotic season and gives way to a lovely piece. The video accompanying the track is a must see available on YouTube. ”Arthik Karobar” is one of the heaviest on the EP sounding very neo-classical in its essence and exhibits the raw prowess of this duo. The chaos is followed by the subdued and peaceful piece “Dolly” which we strongly believe is dedicated to Birat’s dog? To give you a picture of how this band sounds, take into a bowl all the Japanese burst of indie and math rocks bands and add some neo punk vibes to it and voila!! Jaire is a soundscape itself. “Bich Sadkma Baachhaharu” has perhaps the most impressive drums of the EP – the other tracks being impressive enough anyway – but this one stands out. The guitar playing is ethereal throughout this release and unbelievably we come to the end of it with “Tehi Tara Farak”. The progression on this one is very King Crimson-ish and if Adrian Belew sang over it, it would sound totally natural. All in all, a raw and technical release and things look nothing but upwards for the duo!

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Aavash Upreti

Aavash Upreti

June 3, 2021

Artist Fact Board

The name “Jaire” is a slang from Farwestern Nepal and it translates to ‘armpit hair’.

Their debut music video for “Basanta Jeewan” was a pre-existing short movie created by Chandrabindu which was later edited to fit their song.

Mannu Shahi, Jaire’s guitarist, has a Masters degree in classical guitar from KU Department of Music.