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Release Date: Jan. 24, 2021

Artist: Afthyaro
Duration: 4:06
Lyricist(s): Afthyaro
Producer(s): KLM Records
Record Label: Independent
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The soothing sound of Eastern alternative rock and honest lyricism – Afthyaro is as easy on the ears just as earnest the effort is. If you are into post-brit pop or the whole pop and indie rock scene of the 00s, this is your Bhakka for sure. Delicious when solved hot, the lyrics are self-reflective and the snare melody driving the tune is lovely. The subtle melody switches are commendable and what’s more appreciable is the lack of any twang in the vocal delivery. A good debut from a band who definitely should be on your sonic radar. Cheers to the East and KLM records.

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ami victor

ami victor

July 17, 2021

very catchey song love it best wishes to the band

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