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Release Date: June 25, 2021

Artist: Famous Last Wishes
Duration: 4:31
Lyricist(s): Famous Last Wishes
Producer(s): Famous Last Wishes
Record Label: Independent
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Waves comes to you in waves; punchy and in your face right from the get go. A mellow voice is accompanied by a visceral one that then takes you to a riff heavy chorus. Metalcore at its heart - the song doesn't redefine the style but just puts the wheel in motion. Balancing softness with heavy breaks, the song treads along a familiar territory and we wait patiently for what their full length review might hold in store. The drum work has to be said is on point and the break down of sorts gives it the breathing room it needs. Famous Last Wishes has released a track that their listeners will definitely give an honest listen.

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Bijay Shrestha

Bijay Shrestha

July 21, 2021

Awesome 😊

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