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Udai Lanchu

Release Date: Oct. 3, 2020

Artist: Wayam
Duration: 6:09
Lyricist(s): Susant Bista
Producer(s): Wayam, Diwas Gurung (Co-Producer)
Record Label: Independent
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Wayam's "Udai Lanchhu" is intimate, eerie, and heartbreaking - and jarringly so. With a fusion of Eastern folk and modern sounds and a masterful composition/production, the song builds tension leading to an explosive release, and a strong vocal performance conveys the underlying message of despair and bitter acceptance in a theatrical manner. A music video that shows the difficulties that befall on a family that has lost a member to foreign employment complements the song, and the band's cinematic depiction of the sensitive issue has been widely appraised.

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Jyoti Shrestha

Jyoti Shrestha

May 21, 2021

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