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Release Date: March 27, 2022

Artist: Ankita Pun
Duration: 4:53
Lyricist(s): Ankita Pun
Record Label: Purbanchal Rocks
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We said it first here !! This voice eill echo through ages to come. A uke based tune with gorgeous slide guitars and sweetness galore. "Sakhi" sees Ankita Pun bare in the flesh with her voice honest anc clear and in the forefront - as it should be. There is a certain noir quality in this tune making it feel like you know it already but fresh at the same time. The slow percussive build and rise topped with her magical voice - all comes full circle with a bassline that slides in cleverly, as if it was always there all along. This is a gorgeous track through and through - a soft breeze for this scorching summer we're headed for.

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Shalinsumon Pradhan

Shalinsumon Pradhan

June 25, 2022

ekdum wait gareko geet yo ho mero 🙌

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