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Laijau Malai

Release Date: Jan. 12, 2022

Artist: Abhaya & The Steam Engines
Duration: 4:03
Lyricist(s): Abhaya Subba
Producer(s): Abhaya Subba, DJ Zanrix & Bidhan
Record Label: Independent
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'Abhaya and The Steam Engines' are a household name in Nepal and it’s always a pleasure when the outfit announces a new release. “Laijau Malai” comes in with a short reverse delay and a lovely low section courtesy of DJ Zanrix and Bidhan. The male vocals by DIlli Phombo on this one provides a hypnotic element to the tune as it feels more like a chant adding a different mystical layer to the overall mood. Different from what they’ve offered, this sees the band explore a bit of the electronic section of things as well. Abhaya’s vocals are subtle on this one whereas the harmony parts see her open up to her usual grand self. The trumpets from Jacko Wacko are also on point. The overall mood of this song is soothing and calming and it is always fun to see bands exploring newer sounds and horizons especially when it ends up being pulled off well like this. Perfect for this gloomy winter.

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Amrit Kandel

Amrit Kandel

Jan. 24, 2022

True music is not over yet... 🙌🙏❤ And this is my first purchased song ever. 😇

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