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Release Date: Dec. 10, 2021

Artist: Kabita Karki
Duration: 3:32
Lyricist(s): Kabita Karki
Producer(s): Lilrocklook, Preethak Acharya
Record Label: Independent
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“Yatra” by Kabita Karki starts off with a lo-fi vibe and a sweet vocal melody droned in with synths and a rainy sound that fades as the song sets in. The low end is sweet on this one and Kabita flows with the melody effortlessly. A hint of classic R&B and a dash of the modern day pop essence we are prone to these days, this song is a good balance between the two. The crests and troughs form an interesting pattern throughout the track as Karki sings of traveling through different facets of life. The subtle “hmms” are lovely and this is a chill track – the kind you can kick back and listen to one of these winter days.

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