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Release Date: Nov. 13, 2021

Artist: Susant Bista
Duration: 4:35
Lyricist(s): Susant Bista
Producer(s): Diwas Gurung
Record Label: Independent
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“Mishri” is aptly titled with its sweet delivery and this “thet-ness” in Susant Bista’s vocal delivery gives the song a unique identity from the get go. An acoustic ditty at its core, Susant’s voice is bold, breathy and authentic all at the same time with this low tenor that works well with the vocal harmonies added to the mix. “Timro pratikchhya parikchhya banecha” – playful lyrically and composition wise, this track feels like it belongs in the neo-folk resurgence we are seeing these days. A lovely tune for a quiet night or a rainy afternoon or anytime you feel like staring at the ceiling or at the stars.

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