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Duke O’ Death

Release Date: Oct. 20, 2021

Artist: Paradigm Shift
Duration: 5:46
Lyricist(s): Paradigm Shift
Producer(s): Paradigm Shift, Bikash Bhujel, Arun Tandukar
Record Label: Independent
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The no haymaker Duke O' Death strikes a fine balance between inspirational and belligerent. The music redefines their hefty sound, crashing through a wall of corroded metal and glass shards. This fusion of styles has caused Paradigm Shift to soar, balancing overwhelming aggression with female vocalist Lazzu Shrestha's ethereal vocal melodies and majestic harmonies. "Duke O' Death" doesn't break any new ground, but it doesn't need to because its broken passion shines through in abundance thanks to its magnificent multivalent guitar layers, processional drumming, and middle-timbre bassline. While it's true that Paradigm Shift continues to probe the emotional and musical territory of every release, the result is a sound that is so obsessive in its execution that it's almost addictive for the listener.

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