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Release Date: Nov. 7, 2021

Artist: Ashra Kunwar & The Parables
Duration: 4:51
Lyricist(s): Ashra Kunwar
Producer(s): Studio 5150
Record Label: Independent
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An impending heaviness looms over as the new release by Ashra Kunwar & The Parables takes shape into a gothic rock tune of the early 00s. The grand chugs and the alt metal atmosphere has a good flow throughout it. We're not too sure on the whisper section but it can be an acquired taste. Ashra's voice soars throughout the song and the overall mood feels like it needs to be seen live and proper to enjoy the sonic boom. The mix, layering and ambience is wide and grand and it's fun seeing Kunwar take a step further into the heavier side of things. The chorus is sweet on this one.

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Niroj Maharjan

Niroj Maharjan

Nov. 11, 2021

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