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Release Date: Oct. 15, 2021

Artist: Ankita Pun
Duration: 5:07
Lyricist(s): Ankita Pun
Producer(s): Diwas Gurung
Record Label: Purbanchal Rocks
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The golden voice is back and this one is laden with Eastern classical goodness. "Maili" by Ankita Pun is laced with orchestrations and adhunik flutes and concoctions - a neo adhunik classic this one already from the get go. The vocal control that she possesses is an exceptional one. The bittersweet composition is rich in its layers and once again takes you back straight to "Mero Geet Mero Sandesh" and "Gitanjali" days as it fits right between that era. Ankita's vocal glides over the music flowing effortlessly through sections and when we envision the live version of this one, we imagine a dimly lit setting and a grand stage as we gaze endlessly into the silhouette and void. This is a sweet sonic ride.

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Benji P

Benji P

Jan. 31, 2022

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