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Release Date: Sept. 14, 2021

Artist: Adarsha Pandey
Duration: 4:49
Lyricist(s): Adarsha Raj Pandey
Producer(s): Adarsha Raj Pandey
Record Label: Independent
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“Enticing” by Adarsha Pandey is reminiscent of organ works and atmosphere comparative of Ray Manzarek having a lazy day but with a groovy lo fi drum. This instrumental starts off real quiet with only a bassline as the music and a connection noise per se, maybe left out on purpose as it quietly builds up to a steady groovy track after the 3 min mark. There are sparks and glitters at certain corners when the scratches, keys and synths kick in but the track definitely makes you wish there was more depth and variation to it as the mood it sets could have been used to carry it all to a whole different level. Keeping things simple, the track is definitely laid back and should be good for a hazy day. A fair enough GarageBand effort to kick things off for Pandey jee.

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