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Release Date: Sept. 10, 2021

Artist: Kirk Lazarus
Duration: 3:00
Lyricist(s): Rakesh Sahukhal
Producer(s): Kirk Lazarus
Record Label: Independent
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Back again with a new single, Kirk Lazarus has “retro” stamped all over this one with a bouncy but chill sound we all deserve in these hard times. An infectious guitar melody starts things off that makes you feel at home or trick you into thinking that you’ve known this song for a long time. Bygones, aftermaths, daydreaming and wishful thinking never sounded this playful with a groovy bassline and drumbeat anchoring the song. The trio has this nostalgic touch in their music and the vocal harmonies from the massively talented Ankita Pun is all that one could ask for. The playful end to the first verse “I’ll come around and..” made us smile as it left things open – maybe mischievously or maybe not. Hats off again to the vocal and lyrical department, there must be an engineering student in the group to reveal so much cool emo-ness through these melancholic lines. Claps, organs, and bells all planned subtly and all blend perfectly, leaving you wanting for more when it all ends. Rover is one of those songs that will transport you back to a moment when you had your first crush, then pull you back to the reality and make you hum a melody that you made sub-consciously out of that heartbreak. If you've heard Kirk Lazarus' debut - Hanging on the Phone, you'll instantly recognize the vibe of the song. If not, you’ll love both, try.

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Sagun Kayastha

Sagun Kayastha

Sept. 21, 2021

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