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Hanging On The Phone

Release Date: Aug. 20, 2021

Artist: Kirk Lazarus
Duration: 2:49
Lyricist(s): Rakesh Sahukhal
Producer(s): Kirk Lazarus/ Mix & Master by Bikash Bhujel
Record Label: Independent
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Kirk Lazarus, a new indie/ alternative project in town with three familiar faces, reminds you of a time when you realized you were digitally desensitized but you looked it up on google to verify. Quite the contrast eh? “Hanging On The Phone” sounds like you are talking about an old memory of your Guchha or Bhada-kuti moments with a friend who wants nothing more than to enjoy that moment with you but both of you are somehow tired of each other as well. A groovy drum beat anchors the song with a downstroke galore bassline and a really catchy guitar line, that will immediately get you hooked to the words and melody. The vocals are honest and completes the circa 00s indie vibe that is more than a welcome addition to our scene. The curve ball as we arrive to the outro is just perfect as well. The music halts as we are left with “Cause what the dream's about, they wouldn't know, what the lie's about". Hats off to the lyrics department for this melancholic delivery and the entire band for creating this sense of urgency and nostalgia – both at once. Let's just say Kirk Lazarus has arrived people.

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Akash Kharel

Akash Kharel

Sept. 6, 2021

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