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Release Date: June 15, 2018

Artist: Shreshan Shrestha
Duration: 12:32
Lyricist(s): Shreshan Shrestha
Producer(s): Inline Creation Records
Record Label: Independent

The “Approach” EP by S2S is a four tracker as well. Starting off with “Timro Ooth”, this one has a classic rock vibe to it like it belongs in a Just For You or a 100% Slow Rock collection that we used to have in our market. A well put track and different from what we’ve heard from Shreshan. This is a good start. “Timi Nai Hau” comes in next and is a smooth vibe hop-ish track – chill and laid back. What’s noticeable is that he has improved much more vocally on this one from his previous 2 EPs. The third track is “Jeewansathi” and the bassline is smooth on this one. A R&B infused song this one and definitely feels fresh on this EP. The record ends with a stripped down version of “Timro Ra Mero” from his second EP of the same name. With the newer styles that he has tried out in this EP, it would have been more fun to see what the fourth track would’ve sounded like if it was a completely new one. Nevertheless, this arrangement for the song feels more consistent than its original format. All in all, a step towards the right direction for Shreshan as it feels more cohesive and connected.

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