Timi ra Mero

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Timi ra Mero

Release Date: June 14, 2021

Artist: Shreshan Shrestha
Duration: 12.40
Lyricist(s): Shreshan Shrestha
Producer(s): Inline Creation Records
Record Label: Independent

S2S’ EP “Timro Ra Mero” starts off with the title track – a laid back alternative pop song at its core – piano and minimal guitar layering and a steady beat anchors this song as he sings of lost love and the memories associated with it. The second one is a feature with Alish Nepking. A nephop nostalgia song that feels like straight out from the GP and them heydays. A smooth track at its core – the hook is a fun one though the rap flow could use more work. “Haami Ek Hau” comes in next a lovely alternative pop track this one about college nostalgia or even gone school days. The sound is balanced and the flow is good on this one. This is definitely a highlight of this EP. A sweet melody. “Subhakamana” closes off the EP with a synth laden acoustic intro that carries itself throughout the song. This is a celebratory song for a special one’s birthday and at parts feels like a Good Charlotte acoustic track. Moreover, the sound is a bit subdued and would be better if he let go and sang more openly. We would like to see him explore more horizons as he definitely has the knack for a good production value.

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