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Release Date: June 14, 2021

Artist: Shreshan Shrestha
Duration: 5:23
Lyricist(s): Shreshan Shrestha
Producer(s): Inline Creation Records
Record Label: Independent

Soon to celebrate 15 years in the music scene as a musician, singer – songwriter and video director in Nepal, Shreshan S2S Shrestha, Shristy EP currently has two tracks with two more on the works – and this EP feels like his coming of age record. The song “Bardaan” is a piano driven ballad written definitely for his new found parenthood with audio samples and a straight pop approach to songwriting. He holds on to the safety of simple melodies, arrangements and approaches but understanding that it is esactly what he is going for, this is a beautiful personal track. “Mann ka Kura” starts off with a synthy intro that feels like a throwback to the 90s Neppop era. A classic pop duet at its core about confessing love for each other. If you’re into Astha and the whole pop revival era this is right down the easy listening channel that you are comfortable with.

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