Adrishya Sparsha

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Adrishya Sparsha

Release Date: May 26, 2021

Artist: Revenge Of The Invisibles
Duration: 9:23
Lyricist(s): Revenge Of The Invisibles
Producer(s): Revenge Of The Invisibles
Record Label: Independent

1. Kaam Garne Kaalu
An ensemble of long term musicians, Revenge of the Invisibles initially formed as a DNB and freestyle group but quickly changed into an amalgamation of the individual influences of all six members. The outfit surely took their sweet time to jam and gel and blend in and form a collective diverse flair before entering the studio and it surely worked its charm. “Kaam Garne Kaalu” is the first single from their upcoming EP “Adrishya Sparsha” and the intro comes in like a breath of fresh air. Clean guitar tones, smooth basslines, the soaring Heys and precise drumming - You immediately you know you’re in for a treat! A truly different sound and lyrical style – the song is properly spaced out with a lovely chord progression and once again – delicious bass fills. Delving into the post-civil war scenario, a reality check and the hollow pride associated with it – this is a chill track – providing a nice contrast between the theme and the sound. The transition into a rocking tune in its last quarter is a lovely direction and a hint at the diverse journey this group aims to dish out. From there to a jazzy alternative transition and interesting time signatures - the guitar tones are very Mike Einziger-ish but in the most original way. The use of reverbs and tones are perfect and the song finishes wishing you heard the intro one more time. Well for that, maybe you should hit play again. The mix is proper and balanced and a lovely track this one!

2. Banda Kotha
One of the few positive sides of the lockdown was a DIY video with mobile recording that surfaced on YouTube. With the title R.O.T.I – The Kiss of Ahriman. Musicians and longtime friends opened this upload with a wide smile on their face while a new crowd was introduced to a talented bunch. If you happened to catch that release – then you must know that rap-hiphop-wordplays with double triple entendre or more is a major part of this group. “Banda Kotha” begins with a smooth guitar lick. What’s better than a properly executed rap song? It’s the one with a live band backing it. Each member’s prowess shines through on this track as Jay takes the lead on this one rapping in Nepali syllables that put our University’s nepali sir to shame - Bandha kotha ko andhakar yi chanda haru ma jhalkancha - Bandhak mero bichar ko pran affai ma baljhancha – jhaskancha - Sapni bhitra ko sapana ma magan cha mastiska - Adrisya asprishya haat le racheko byaktitwa-Mah. On the flow from the get go, his flow is on point and the word and rhyme schemes feel fresh. We invite you all to be the judge if it does or does not. The word selection is topnotch just as the process of tying them together is. The chorus from Rahu hits different every time he ends his blatant social commentary with - Laaj ko mukhauto ra taleko bastra – it hits you differently. Worthy to mention here that the chorus and the flow switch in the bridge later is a smooth one. A highlight of many other lines on this one - Antarman le niyali hera - Bhitri pitri lai k ko apug cha?- Jun paani ma prabuddha paudincha-Tyei pani ma pagal dubcha !! We rest our case!! This band is a genre bending one and a valuable addition to any music library. Period !

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Binamra Bhusal

Binamra Bhusal

July 14, 2021

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