Man Made Disaster

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Man Made Disaster

Release Date: April 20, 2019

Artist: Anhur
Duration: 24:52
Producer(s): Anhur
Record Label: Independent

This is an interesting offering. The album starts with frantic violins and a chant of sorts and it makes sense that the track is titled “Baptize”. The violins give way to galloping keys as the chant continues and is a cool way to open the album. “I Will Devour You” comes in next and is a technical fest – blast beats and riffage galore – even if it is deathcore at its heart - but if you are into Nile, Deicide and or Vital Remains – you already know that this record is for you – with its switches and intensity but you somehow feel like this should have been made into a full track with vocals. “Bear Brawl Demise” follows with a sweet bass intro and a guttural visceral vocal delivery – at a minute long – a short and interesting groovy track. “Brainwashed” starts off in the most traditional fashion and is the first proper ‘song’ off this record. A straight up smasher this one – heavy and groovy as fuck at the same time – composed vocal delivery and a sweet breakdown. The low guttural noise complements the band’s sound perfectly. The fifth track “Wail of Darkness” is a banger as well. This is the most aggressive sounding track on the record. The guitars are sludgy as we like it with some awesome harmonics and strafes in between. “Man Made Disaster” follows next with a straight up drum cymbal fest switching up into a suffocation-ish riffage – nothing identical – just the feel of it and the alternate vocals on this one is on point. The hammer on riffs are sweet as well. Technical sections and the slowest – brooding – time stopping – breakdowns are a trademark on this record. “Land of Disaster” is next and the title makes you think if it’s the sequel of the previous track. This one sounds more on the Nu metal side of things – the whole atmosphere that it provides – a sludge fest this one with a wailing tremolo – must be a crowd favorite at gigs. The second last track “Statecraft of Bloodshed” fees like the continuation of the previous track due to the tremolo and that gives a nice ring to it. The band is clear about the sludgy sound that they are going for – the technical sections are absolutely juicy – but we felt that the breakdown sections do lack a bit of a work around and variation. “Torment for Eternal” ends the album and is the most ambitious track on this one. The album is raw given its DIY production with electric drums but we mean that in the best way possible as the album sounds as it should. Definitely a good start to their discography – we hope the band explores more and brings us some of the most brutal breakdown possible. P.S. They got the cover art for their debut album from a Brazilian musi­cian in exchange for mixing and mastering 10 songs for him done by Core Tamrakar.

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Sakti Maharjan

Sakti Maharjan

May 12, 2021

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