Khokro Asha [EP]

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Khokro Asha [EP]

Release Date: Sept. 18, 2018

Artist: The Alchemist
Duration: 18:25
Lyricist(s): Choklet Joshi
Producer(s): Self
Record Label: Independent

The Alchemist are an absolute, arrant rock band, and their debut EP, "Khokro Asha", a collection of four thoroughly hard/alternative rock songs, is a testament to that. The first track off the EP, "Dhuwa", embodies the essence of the band and their sound - heavy drums and rugged guitar riffs, layered over words that sing of the sheer impermanence of life. The song transitions into "Khokro Asha" which maintains the energy and spirit; a robust anthem comments on our false pretences and empty optimism. Apart from a clean arrangement and composition, and enthralling guitar solos that any guitar enthusiast would appreciate, lead singer Archana's hard-hitting vocal performance definitely gives the band an edge and a distinctiveness. The third track "Sakdina" brings a change of pace; the slow and melodious build-up to it is subtler, more emotional and soulful. And finally, as it should, 'Awaj" ends the ep with a bang. The complex and erratic instrumental, a demonstration of the band's potential, shines through on this one, and the music sounds just as empowering as the lyrics make you feel. All in all, it is safe to say that The Alchemist are an astute rock act, and 'Khokro Asha" makes you want to experience the band live.

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1 Dhuwa 4:37 Add To cart $0.85
2 Khokro Asha 4:34 Add To cart $0.85
3 Sakdina 4:33 Add To cart $0.85
4 Aawaj 4:40 Add To cart $0.85


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