Samaya [EP]

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Samaya [EP]

Release Date: April 24, 2021

Artist: Bipul Chettri
Duration: 18:22
Lyricist(s): Bipul Chettri
Producer(s): Self
Record Label: Independent

Alex Turner. Bob Dylan. Mighty raconteurs many generations apart. And then there's Bipul Chhetri - an honest and straight forward narrator with a new fable - A soothing fingerpicking carries this song on its shoulders as he sings about nostalgia, wishful thinking and more nostalgia. A random analogy can be that if "Nobody's Home" by Pink Floyd was sung by a sane and level headed protagonist, that would be "Katai Uslai". The first half feels like a long breath you take on a nostalgia filled day .. evening.. night...any time may it be... holding it in for letting it out through the harmonica that plays at the last quarter of this song. A beautiful start to a highly anticipated story telling for years. "Kata Uslai" is bound to be stuck on many heart strings pulling a different one each time you hear it. This EP seems destined to be the synonym for nostalgia. The slide guitar on this one is marvellous and provides the foundation for Bipul Chhetri's meanderings on longing, dreaming and hoping. The melody sense of this man is commendable and one thing that's most noticeable in "Samsara" and the previous single release is that he has let his thet Nepali accent go a bit - not completely but just enough to perfectly blend with the acoustic journey he is on for this record. The title track "Samaya" is here and years down the line we hope you visit this review again and reaffirm that we were the first ones to say that - this one will be a timeless classic. If you're a fan of Bon Iver, you'll love this - if you're a fan of Bipul Chhetri - you'll adore this - and if you're devoid of sleep - maybe this will put you at peace. A continuous hit of the bass notes gives this feeling of the second hand ticking on the clock as he sings a playful bright melody over it. This feels like a transition track as it sings less about nostalgia and more of a determination to face things as they come. The subtle pitch change, vocal harmony and variation in the outro adds such a beautiful texture to an already gorgeous melody. The fourth song "Naya Din" has the sound of a breezy afternoon, with the sun hiding from you time and again. A folkish intro – a very relatable and identifiable strums starts of this one. How this song made us feel? It was like as if it was the OST of us packing our bags getting ready to travel but then we realize that we have nowhere to go! With all of the EP written during this pandemic, the fourth release finally addresses the situation directly. The quiet desperation in this beautiful song is enhanced by the gorgeous vocal harmonies present in the chorus. Lovely acoustics as usual and arrangements that sound like maybe an episode out of Scrubs (holler if you get the reference !!). The EP finally ends just as it began - in the sense that "Bhaans Ghaari" has a smooth finger picking style that the first track had. All in all - full circle maybe? Maybe if you put the entire record on a loop..this would help in making a seamless transaction from the end to the beginning. "Hawa chalyo yaha besari..halliyo dada pari..bhaans ghaari...udi jau bhane ma chari haina..basna pani yaha mann chaina" - the song grabs you from the get go - and hits you with a swerve - a lovely flute section and vocal harmonies. "Baachna lai ni kati marna parne" - malancholia at its best - this track is a beaut and a perfect closure to this lovely trail of yarn made of mongering named "Samaya". The sound of wind that started this one comes at the end as well leaving you with a deafening silence.. and a wanting for more.

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1 Katai Uslai 4:47 Add To cart $0.85
2 Samsara 3:35 Add To cart $0.85
3 Samaya 3:47 Add To cart $0.85
4 Naya Din 3:25 Add To cart $0.85
5 Bhaans Ghari 3:28 Add To cart $0.85


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Dikkan Maharjan

Dikkan Maharjan

June 4, 2021

Artist Fact Board

1. Bipul Chettri is the first and only Nepali language singer/songwriter to have been endorsed by Epiphone Guitars (Gibson India).