Drabya Dharma

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Drabya Dharma

Release Date: May 18, 2019

Artist: Shree 3
Duration: 51:26
Record Label: Independent

This 10 track stoner – sludge mayhem starts with “River”. A familiar tuning of the radio and random station hops gives way to this flanger infused guitar intro before a riff that melts your face off and hence the album starts. The steady kicks – the gritty bass tone and the 90s echoic vocals on this one truly makes one feel that the ride ahead is an interesting one. “Maze” is the second track with the sludge kicking in early on this one. It is safe to say that Sarad Shrestha is the riffmaster of our times – if you follow him on any of his social handles – you know what we’re talking about. He churns out powerful riffs one after another as easy as breathing is for us. The third track is “Suntali” and surely enough the merch and artwork linked to this one was a common sight for anyone who went to gigs of Shree 3. The most Kyuss song on this album, the slow drum builds, bass groove and volume swells gives off a hypnotic start to one of the heaviest riffs. This band is not about speed but about creating this tense atmosphere that explodes time and again through its heaviness and slow groove. The title track “Drabya Dharma” ensues next and is the most alternative sounding song on this offering. The song talks about our daily rat race for money and comprises of Nepali lyrics. The bass is thumping and groovy on this one and is one of the mellower tracks on this album. Do check out the video if you haven’t. Flanger is a staple effect in many of the guitar tracks and works really well with the sound that the band is trying to achieve. “Koshish” is the fifth track and is the most EVH sounding song without the constant harmonics or tapping. A fresh sounding Nepali track, this is bound to make any guitar player smile with joy. “Bipana” to this album is what “Sap” was to AIC. This is the most 90s sounding track on the album without going all out heavy and is definitely one of the highlights of the release. “Monk” comes in next with an almost funky intro that Mike Patton would be proud to sing his lungs out on – before giving way to one of the heaviest riffage and it is hard to believe that we are only on the seventh track. All in all a steady crowd pleaser for live shows and one of the best vocal performance from Sarad Shrestha. This track sounds gelled and intact. The eighth track “Bhakundo” is already a crowd favorite and talks about the common man’s tragedy of being played around by the politicians. Another kickass track and the subtle riff variations are notable on this one. “Sanity Wreck” is another banger and a definite headbanger for live shows. Softer verses and the loudest choruses ever – this song is a classic from the get go. “Eutai Antya” closes off the album and is a Smashing Pumpkin-ish mellow offering in its own original sense that provides a nice contrast to an otherwise heavy AF album. This is a strong debut and the band is truly something to look forward to in coming days for their future releases.

Noodle Rating :

1 River 5:35 Add To cart $0.85
2 Maze 5:14 Add To cart $0.85
3 Suntali 8:18 Add To cart $0.85
4 Drabya Dharma 5:09 Add To cart $0.85
5 Koshish 4:33 Add To cart $0.85
6 Bipana 5:59 Add To cart $0.85
7 Monk 4:46 Add To cart $0.85
8 Bhakundo 3:45 Add To cart $0.85
9 Sanity Wreck 3:37 Add To cart $0.85
10 Eutai Antya 4:28 Add To cart $0.85


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