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Release Date: Dec. 11, 2021

Artist: The Elements
Duration: 19:29
Lyricist(s): Ishan R. Onta
Producer(s): The Elements
Record Label: Independent

Seclusion – be it by choice or circumstantial – somehow always leads to a unique creation or an epiphany of sorts and for The Elements – the result is here in the form of a 5-track album entitled “Urja”. Crisp and punchy and melody senses that make your senses twirl, this partnership between the trio and Studio 5150 has resulted in something spectacular. A fresh clean mix of soundscapes arranged as only they can, the band has come a long way from straight forward ballads to this ground that they can call their own and own only. The title track starts things off and the lads sound confident and focused. Juicy !! can be the word to describe this one. If you know their music you know that Ishan is a folklore unfolding with every lyric he pens down as Dipesh beats down steady as Raunaq harmonies perfectly both vocally and with his guitars as well. It can be mentioned enough that Bikash Bhujel, Steve and the whole 5150 crew has done a marvelous job in capturing and presenting the ideas that the band has played around with. A 20 minute connected chunk this one as each track glides into another and “Upahar” comes in. This one is a bit in the veins of their previous releases but with a solo section that completely throws you off. The band is not afraid to experiment in any way and that’s the kickass way. “Bhaag” comes in next and is the anthemic booster of a song that makes you want to get up and dance wherever you are. We hope you’re not on the potty when this comes on. “Tyaag” comes in next and you wonder if it is a sequel of the previous in anyway. The keys are a lovely addition and transition. The overall arrangement gives this one a very proggy feel along the lines of Cire or Mayan Factor and in many ways is the highlight of this record. The subtleties and nuances on this one is well planned. “Indriya” brings this to a close and is an almost a pop punk track but with an ‘element’ of their acoustic staple. A straight up rocker this one “Pachyaudai aayo khusi – magdai namagi – sachidai aye khot haru – jani najani” this is feel good in every way possible. The multiples inputs and stereo layering has definitely made the mix punchy and the drums sound outstanding. This album is a prime example of what happens when good ideas meet a good mix. Kudos to the trio and the entire team !!

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Sabin Bajracharya

Sabin Bajracharya

Sept. 18, 2022

Artist Fact Board

- Dipesh was the one who designed the logo for the band, which features a 'Sri Yantra'.

- Ishan wants to have a pig as a pet one day; he thinks they’re misunderstood animals and can be great pets.

- Ishan has been practicing law for 3 years. The band was formed when Ishan and Raunaq got close during their time in law school together. Raunaq and Dipesh were in a different band (called 90’s Guns) at the time.

- Most of The Elements’ songs from 2018-20 were made in Kau Daada, a place in Pokhara, where they like to camp out for span of some time to make music. They’ve realized that they prefer to write songs isolated from the world and from Kathmandu’s buzz.

- The dudes were also involved in opening the kickass “Backdoor Pub”.