Mighty World

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Mighty World

Release Date: Oct. 18, 2021

Artist: Le'Ridge Stereo
Duration: 11:01
Lyricist(s): Le’Ridge Stereo
Producer(s): Diwas Gurung
Record Label: Independent

"Another Sun" is the group's signature blend of pop hooks, with a higher level of emotional substance. "Another Sun" has a beautiful melody that builds from leisurely yet enticing verses to a dramatic chorus with heart-tugging high notes as the lyrics reach their emotional peak. As a result, the song's genuineness and sheer musicianship have helped it outlast the boom and become a dance-pop standard. Rebecca's powerful vocals, which effortlessly navigate the melody's various changes and sing her heart out in the chorus, complete the magnificent composition. "Mighty World" is another solid pop hit with a stunning bridge. This is a 'feel-good' tune, as was the objective of this pop track. While listening to this song, it's impossible not to have a good attitude on life. "I say to myself, hey, get up, chin up, face the great world, and keep on," the chorus sings, and it communicates more in a few words than many songs do in their entirety. "Mighty World" is divided into three sections: calm verses with a lullaby-like quality, dramatic solo vocal bridges that substantially boost the song's emotional intensity, and a cheerful chorus that retains the emotional high of the bridge while also incorporating an infectious singalong aspect. By arranging the components in a way that gives the song an effective sense of ebb and flow, Le'Ridge is able to weave them together into a seamless whole. It also includes a nice dance rhythm, which aids in the song's success. The lyrical content, as well as the rhythm, signaled a return to Le Ridge's pop status in spirit. "Sahas" is a delightfully over-the-top celebration of strength, independence, and finger-wagging defiance in the face of pain and loss, and it's a definite expression of inspiration. It was elegant in the same way as "Might World" was, but there was a significant difference. It was more stately and slower. "Sahas," which began much more gently and kept a lighter feel even after the drums had kicked in, fitting with the happy- motivational lyrics and references to classical music. The lyrics are set to a truly beautiful music on which all of the band members perform at their best instrumentally.

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2 Sahas 3:51 Add To cart $0.85
3 Mighty World 3:31 Add To cart $0.85


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