Udaai Lagyo

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Udaai Lagyo

Release Date: Sept. 7, 2021

Artist: Bhaskar Swar
Duration: 33:24
Lyricist(s): Bhaskar Swar
Producer(s): Anil Rai, Pops Martin, Satish Sthapit
Record Label: Independent

“Khula Aakash” starts this off and our minds went Mikael Åkerfeldt !! Such a smashing way to start of this lovely album and the song slowly ascends into a bittersweet tune. If you are into Blackfield, Cire or Damnation Opeth, this is definitely your cup of tea in its most original tea state form and even if you aren’t, you’ll fall in love with these ditties. The leading acoustic guitars, orchestration and the production is top notch in each of the 8 songs presented to you in this record. This is a fresh sound definitely and it definitely that Bhaskar doesn’t have any twangs or forced accents in his Nepali enunciation. “Hijo Aaja” follows with the somber mood as his vocals now soar higher and roams seamlessly through subtly planned sections. The flute complements the mood perfectly as he shows a lovely control in dynamics through and through. The chord and phrase changes in this one. Lovely! The third tune “Khai Kina?” now plays as the downpour continues in our capital and the song totally encapsulates this moment. As the light shower makes us look out the window and reflect – even if it is for a brief moment. The subtle bends and textures – a class act. Halfway through, “Laharharu” comes in with a brushed beat and what feels like a long road trip to a hill station. Lyrically, on this album, he deals with his ponderings, day dreams, losses, romanticisms and hopes without sounding like a repeat in anyway. “Chhaya” is another example of how his vocal melodies end up giving his songs a progressive rock feel with subtle playful signatures and segues. He doesn’t stick to a verse-chorus-verse formula but sways and flows as per the emotions lead him whence his vocal seems to drift off. The outro is like Patan ko legendary mithai pasal ko barfi/peda. Sweet! “Jhari” comes in and we wonder if he knew that Monsoon would be longer this year even till September. The rain keeps on falling as we delve into this one. With a grand release and start, this song is reminiscent of the late 90s and early 00s Indo pop rock scene that came in with a swoosh – from Jal to Josh to Indus Creed to all of it. This is pop rock done right! “Farkera Herda” comes in with a gentle acoustic strum and piano lines. The small nuances and attention to details with little fills or sounds in each corner is a real appreciable trait of this album. The whole song is a mood. The title track closes things off with a solemn section that turns into the most classical sounding track on this one. “Ashwasan ko jindagi jiyera kasari baacheko chu ..dekhawati haaso dekhayera kasari kaateko chu” The free flow and free fall in the song structures, if hasn’t got a proper mention in this review, well here we give it deservedly! Hats off to this 90s Buckley-ish essence in its flow. “Udai Lagyo” by Bhaskar Swar is will be a timeless classic when it is looked back upon years down the line. And for the record, we are the first to say it already in 2021! And kudos to this gem of a voice that he has. After the last eclipse, he might be now here to eclipse your heart but with a warm blanket cover.

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saurav raj joshi

saurav raj joshi

Sept. 22, 2021

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