Rap Trilogy

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Rap Trilogy

Release Date: Aug. 29, 2021

Artist: Zirrana
Duration: 9:55
Lyricist(s): Zirrana
Producer(s): KTM Souljah
Record Label: Skathi Records

Skathi represent - Zirrana stirs shit up on Rap Massacre starting with a monologue-esque part that feels like Shorty entered the studio and then shit gets serious with an infectious groove and a straight to the flow approach in his delivery. An ominous track in its essence, the track is a more of a “I am here” statement from him. Partially in English and in Nepali, our observation is that he excels the most when the flow is in the former. “Facts bro many rappers still shitty brain still so petty but I still can’t act tho all those shitty wack mcs in the industry but I still got your back bro, big talks shitty rhymes doing crimes how many times still getting money like a fat crow, imma win this shit with all this heat groovy beat play u like a tic tac toe” The flow’s good and the vibe is energetic. A good start to the EP. Skits have always been a big part of the rap culture and this EP has 2 of them. The first one comes in as a warning shot and a no one’s gonna save you message. Next up is “Rap Killer” and you know that this record is following a theme. A theme that he is here to take on the rap industry. A bit on the oriental and a bit on the old school side, this one is on point as well. “As I go all with my energy, where will my fellas be, goners in the reverie,your life full of jeopardy rhymes full of elegy, let it be I got the synergy with the beats, melodies geez fella please bitch u gotta pay all the fees for all the damages u done in these many years in this fucking history that u won’t believe u can never see hip-hop be the remedy”. It’s a fun head bobbing tune. “Rap Pursuit” comes in next and is the last track of the record (apart from the closing skit that is) and this one is spitfire from that get go. The switch from English to Nepali and back is fire on this one and is defeinitely the perfectly balanced highlight for us. The effortless switch between the two is the best executed on this one. “U can’t read it tryna make the rhymes man u can’t spit it man just forget it, Just forget it man just forget it said it three times cuz I still rhyme with it, I can go on and on ain’t tryna diss no one not even love so u gon’ witness it, I ain’t tryna gas it up, man back it up, shut your wack shit up, u gotta pack it up, U lack it all, just level up man, keep hustling stay high-drated”. Braggadocios presentation – Check ! A smooth flow – Check! Kickass production – Check! Zirrana’s Rap Trilogy is definitely a strong EP from start to end. Every rap doesn’t need to be layered and subliminal just as everything doesn’t need to be deep. This album is a straight up enjoyable ride.

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1 Rap Massacre 2:33 Add To cart $0.85
2 Skit 00:40 Add To cart $0.60
3 Rap Killer 3:04 Add To cart $0.85
4 Rap Pursuit 3:06 Add To cart $0.85
5 Outro (Skit) 00:30 Add To cart $0.85


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biplov khatri

Sept. 27, 2021

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