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Dumb B

Release Date: July 13, 2021

Artist: Retro Rocket
Duration: 3:54
Lyricist(s): Retro Rocket
Producer(s): KLM Records, Studio 5150 (Bikash Bujhel)
Record Label: Independent
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An iconic drum and bass intro - a kickass riff and a booty shaking quality to the overall build. The kind of grit and kick that you begin to imagine a slow mo dance by a female lead with a black and white video. Pure indie and alternative bliss from the East, the mix is proper. Shout out to Bikash Bujhel from Studio 5150 and shoutout to KLM records. If you were around a few months ago in K-town you might have seen this outfit live via a tour organized by Noodle as well. A real promise in the composition, attitude and presentation of this outfit. The snyths add a different depth to the track. The lyrics feel like broken fragments and figments of imagination of the lead voice and fits in well with the brash and powerful mood of the song. An impressive start to the mammoth of an album that is coming from this band. A definite Noodle recommend.

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Rohit Maharjan

Rohit Maharjan

Oct. 12, 2021

Fucking awesome !

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