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Yo Samjhine Mann

Release Date: July 8, 2021

Artist: The Midnight Riders
Duration: 4:37
Lyricist(s): Jimi Blues
Producer(s): Satish Sthapit
Record Label: Independent
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The start of this song feels like summer is here or maybe a springbreakers movie opening scene. Bright and uppity and crisp just as the trio has always portrayed themselves. Smooth, clean and slight overdriven guitars, a booming bassline and a punchy steady drumwork. This song feels like a straight up nod to the early rock songs a la carte Nepal music cuisine - and a good nod it is. The trimurti's blues foundation is strongly evident in the guitar solo that follows. A straight up alternative rock and blues mix this one with a baal matlab vocal and lyrical approach that defines coolnes in pubs and live music joints in K-Town. Give it a try we say!

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Sabin Rimal

Sabin Rimal

July 10, 2021

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