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Release Date: June 22, 2021

Artist: Rockheads
Duration: 3:13
Lyricist(s): Swapnil Sharma
Producer(s): Rockheads
Record Label: Independent
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A synthy intro leading to a bold voice...a voice we've heard many times..but not like this maybe? An acoustic guitar laden melody kicks off the song... 'Mero geet ko bhaaka banechau - malai matrai timi gaideuna', a sweet melancholy in the words in this one penned by Swapnil Sharma - in his unique Nepali way. Guitar swells and reverse pedals galore fuel up the ambience along with some keys, a sweet pop rock tune. The song feels fresh as well as nostalgic both at the same time. A sweet sweet strat tone and we wished this small section was a bit longer.. but it ends just as it hits a sweet bend. 10-15 seconds more and it would have been more lovely. All in all, a sweet release from a band that is synonymous with live music in Nepal. We hope to hear more.

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Bijay Shrestha

Bijay Shrestha

July 21, 2021

Loved It. 😊

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