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Nidaauna Deu

Release Date: June 19, 2021

Artist: Phatcowlee
Duration: 3:30
Lyricist(s): Phatcowlee
Producer(s): Phatcowlee
Record Label: Independent
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This is a fresh dynamic to the already diverse Phatcowlee emblem. Three and a half minute of variations that glide over each other much like the state of things right now - with many overlooked situations slowly clinging on to us subconsciously. Each melody seems to claw and attach to you before leaving abruptly. The low mixes are praiseworthy. Synthy - brooding - depeche mode-ish - playful sounds and a final quarter that sounds like a monologue that got accidentally recorded and the random thoughts that cross through our minds got layered and documented into sonic frequencies. The 'Andhero' harmonization gives a different dimension to an already smooth hook. Goddamn Bulla Eyelash! A nice swerve the song takes - The sirens wailing with the AM radio infused chorus for the last time somehow feels like a Spiderman movie - coming to an end. This feels like the most ambitious Phatcowlee track till date to us. A definite recommend !

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Pranav Pachhai

Pranav Pachhai

July 13, 2021

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