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Release Date: July 2, 2018

Artist: The Elements
Duration: 5:02
Producer(s): Self
Record Label: Independent
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A heavier side of things, “Aparichit” starts off almost as if it is being sung from either Mongolia or the upper sides of Mustang and Manang. The song has a beautiful Wilson-ish feel and the tabala arrangement is more than complementary to the overall arrangement. Parts of the song is reminiscent of “Cire”, one of the most underrated artists in the prog scene. And yes! This song might be one of the most progressive release from the trio !! “Nadekheko thau ko tasveer banau, Purana astitwa sara metau, aparichitata sabai apnaau” definitely portrays the nomadic spirit the band was in while making this one during an outing.

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Artist Fact Board

- Dipesh was the one who designed the logo for the band, which features a 'Sri Yantra'.

- Ishan wants to have a pig as a pet one day; he thinks they’re misunderstood animals and can be great pets.

- Ishan has been practicing law for 3 years. The band was formed when Ishan and Raunaq got close during their time in law school together. Raunaq and Dipesh were in a different band (called 90’s Guns) at the time.

- Most of The Elements’ songs from 2018-20 were made in Kau Daada, a place in Pokhara, where they like to camp out for span of some time to make music. They’ve realized that they prefer to write songs isolated from the world and from Kathmandu’s buzz.

- The dudes were also involved in opening the kickass “Backdoor Pub”.