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Release Date: April 29, 2022

Artist: Prasnasunya
Duration: 3:19
Lyricist(s): Prasna Shunya
Producer(s): Purbanchal Rocks
Record Label: Purbanchal Rocks
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This song is a time capsule and when bands take the route of singing about the nation, only a few tracks stand out and we're glad to say this is one of them. Whilst talking about rock songs that sing of patriotism and Nepal, two definitely comes up to our heads instantly, if you were growing up in THAT era. "Deshbhakti" by Prasnasunya flows along the same veins with its punchy guitars, a sweet melody and a compact mix. Power chord galore this one, this feels old but new but playful. The kind of song that the listeners will decide for their own and open to all ears.

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Samir Dumee

Samir Dumee

May 7, 2022

Loved it, nice arrangement. Mix sounded so good.

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