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Release Date: April 8, 2022

Artist: The Unburnt
Duration: 5:15
Lyricist(s): Sachin Lohani
Producer(s): Sujan Joshi (Hokko)
Record Label: Independent
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The Unburnt are back with a new single and melancholia sinks in from the get go with the minor scaled plugins and keys. A monologue to start things off - the mood is set - the dramatic epilogue before swaying into a post grunge alternative tune. The composition is well thought out and layered packed with all the 90s goodiness. The vocal harmonies and subtleties in the lyrics are commendable. Also, the lack of a twang in the vocal delivery gives this a genuine feel. Nepali with a forced accent is not fun people and this song shows how that is to be avoided! A slow burner this one, a kickass solo and a strong release from the band. Kudos!

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Pradipta Rai

Pradipta Rai

May 5, 2022

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