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Maya Maa Maya Chahinchha

Release Date: March 26, 2022

Artist: Neith
Duration: 3:58
Lyricist(s): Neith
Producer(s): Bibhash Buragohain
Record Label: Independent
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Neith is here! "Maya Maa Maya Chahinchha" is a dreamy affair. 'Maya lai ta shabda chahidaina" - the opening lines give away the gist of the song as it avoids over abundance of words and focuses on melody and the overall ambience. A top notch work in production by Bibhash Buragohain. Neith sees Nikita Shrestha break free from defined roots and here's an interesting note - This song sounds like she was smiling in the vocal booth while recording. Do take a listen and let us know if you frel the same. A lovely melody and a warm welcome to Nikita's solo career.

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Pawan subba

Pawan subba

May 6, 2022


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