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Meri Mayalu

Release Date: Feb. 14, 2022

Artist: Echoes Valley
Duration: 4:20
Lyricist(s): Echoes Valley
Producer(s): Echoes Valley
Record Label: Independent
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“Meri Mayalu” by Echoes Valley is deceptively titled as you expect it to be in Nepali but in comes in a lazy and soothing voice in English. Modern day indie at its core, the song is soft and crooning and its builds up into a slow power ballad and the sudden switch to Nepali after the solo is a bit off putting at first but one can see what the band were trying to achieve playfully. All in all, an honest effort and we hope to see the band grow more with future releases.

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Saugan lama

Saugan lama

March 5, 2022


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