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Release Date: Jan. 23, 2022

Artist: Amazumi
Duration: 2:52
Lyricist(s): Amazumi
Producer(s): Amazumi
Record Label: Independent
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Grimy, gritty - a sub low pounding and a flow instantly recognizable - Amazumi is back. Well she'd never left but still no time is wasted as she starts up a riot with this one... ahem!! All the anger directed towards whoever she is talking to is cleverly named as Murray... if you've seen the latest Joker flick *wink wink*. Aggressive and hyped from the get go, the flow is on point like always from mademoiselle. "Callin' me, callin' me dangerous - when you're armed to teeth - yet you're paintin' us - with your mad strokes, Van Gogh, but you not - you're a joke, hah", smooth AF and at times she reminds us of the Lil' Kim and Missy Elliot but always holding her own without holding back any punches with a trademark originality and vibe. That one Nepali line made us hit rewind straight away and each revisit made us appreciate the top notch production on this one. This is Amazumi - playful but venomous - skillful and autonomous - and yes this is a kickass release.

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