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Release Date: Dec. 7, 2021

Artist: Albatross
Duration: 4:15
Lyricist(s): Albatross
Producer(s): Albatross
Record Label: Independent
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The rock juggernauts are back and they're back with a bang. You might have heard "Nepali" live and the first striking note about this is that it stirs up a lot of mixed feelings about the state of affairs of this country we live in - but with a fresh new perspective. The juicy bass tone and line is at the heart of this one and the production is top notch. A punch to your gut per se - What else could we expect from Albatross? The jarring time signatures and the overall nihilistic tone on this one has resulted in a future crowd favorite tune and a banger of a track for now. The band is tight as ever and look ready to move towards an even grand-er stage. This one is a definite "slobberknocker".

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Prasoon Man Shrestha

Prasoon Man Shrestha

April 13, 2022

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