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Release Date: Dec. 3, 2021

Artist: Ankit Shrestha
Duration: 5:04
Lyricist(s): Ankit Shrestha
Producer(s): Diwas Gurung
Record Label: Independent
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The soulful Ankit Shrestha is back with subtle slides, an acoustic tenderness and a voice that has warmth laden all over it, "River" is right up his alley but still sounds completely fresh. This one feels like an artist mature enough and reflective and in a comfortable headspace knowing what he exactly wants to do with these frequencies and melodies. This is ambient soulful alternative and post britpop done right. The instrumentations are top notch with each one planned intricately and there for a reason. "Would you be my river, would you take me home?" He's hit a home run definitely with this one - a song to sway away to forgetting all your bother. Kudos!

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Seashon Shrestha

Seashon Shrestha

Dec. 11, 2021

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