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Kathai Ma Haina

Release Date: Nov. 24, 2021

Artist: Anisha Thulung Rai
Duration: 4:21
Lyricist(s): Anisha Thulung Rai
Producer(s): Kobid Bazra
Record Label: Purbanchal Rocks
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"Kathai Ma Haina" feels like a walk through the fields on a foggy morning as you reminisce days gone past lost in the thoughts of that someone but with self reflection a plenty as well. The voice is confident and the production bold for a ballad song at its core. Purbanchal Rocks is delivering these voices one after another - voices that feel like a new dawning of the pop era in Nepal. Anisha Thulung Rai gracefully sings her way through this one as the song feels like an effortless listen thay can be put seamlessly on loop.

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Nov. 28, 2021

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