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Fasting Of My Heart

Release Date: Nov. 25, 2021

Artist: Ashina Pradhan
Duration: 4:05
Lyricist(s): Ashina Pradhan
Producer(s): Daniel Tomalaris / Overgrown Music Studio, George Georgiadis / Little Wing Sound
Record Label: Independent
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“Fasting of My Heart” begins quietly with a Tarantino OST-ish/Chris Isaac-ish guitar tones and a solemn vocal delivery of Ashina. The tenor of her voice is a breath of fresh air somehow and the overall dreary dreamy vibe of the song only further accentuates it. We patiently waited for the drums to kick in but we realized that this was turning into the “Euro Trip” joke along the lines of – the drums never came – the drums never came. This song draws you in for a focused listen. The spoken part at the end threw us off a bit but we can understand the climax that she was going for. However, the pronunciations do need a bit of work. A tranquil track overall the demands multiple listens for the immersive experience that she is catering.

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natasha lalchan

natasha lalchan

Nov. 27, 2021

This song gives life to your soul

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