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Creations Of Divine ft. Amazumi, Nello Biasini, Preetica Magar

Release Date: Nov. 2, 2021

Artist: Abhisek Bhadra
Duration: 4:33
Lyricist(s): Amazumi
Producer(s): Abhisek Bhadra
Record Label: Independent
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A spoken poetry kicking things off that feels like a brighter version of Sin City somehow. The sweet chord progressions from Abhishek’s piano runs through wild throughout the song. “Creations of Divine” feels like an amalgamation of a number of styles with rap and old school hiphop at the core of it. This at times feels like an ode to TLC and maybe Lisa “Left Eye” given the impressive female ensemble we have on this this with Preetica shining through and through on the main hooks and fills. And holding all of this awesomeness together is the intricate drumming of Nello Biasini as the snares and swift subtleties gives this song a jazzy edge. A cool combo eh. Lyrically Amazumi shines on as usual, straight up fire “I’ve been searching- feelin like all of my women missin-switchin up my energy-I’m drifting-I’m seeking- memories continuously shifting-I’m seething so do get out of my way when I’m spitting”, this one overall feels like a call to arms for all the ladies she cares for. This is a super-collab to say the least the kind that only DC or Marvel could muster or music in this case. We hope you feel the vibe of this song as well as pay attention to what Amazumi has to say. The names were huge on this one and they have definitely delivered.

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