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Release Date: Oct. 4, 2021

Artist: Adrishya Soch
Duration: 4:20
Lyricist(s): Sagar Thapaliya
Producer(s): Kobid Bazra, Sagar Thapaliya, KTM Music Lab
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“Dashain” by Adrishya Soch aka Sagar Thapaliya deceives you into thinking that it might be a folk instrumental tune – instead – it starts off with a bluesy intro and horns section as he comes in strong with an in your face vocal hook and melody. Reminiscing the festival days of and when a person was not away abroad, the lyrical themes delve in that territory whereas the horns and guitar sections play freestyle blues giving it a nice contrast. Instead of the traditional folk-ish route that Dashain based tunes take, this one is definitely a swerve ball that incorporates the ghintang madal tune as well in the outro and this can be a hit or a miss but for those who enjoy it, this track is definitely rich and layered. Happy festivities everyone!

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