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Blue And Grey

Release Date: Sept. 24, 2021

Artist: Oceans
Duration: 4:24
Lyricist(s): Tenpah Tamang, Shree Rajan Shrestha
Producer(s): Artizan Studios
Record Label: Independent
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So many acts pumping fresh new blood to the range, soundscapes and styles of our music scene, Oceans is another such outfit that feels like a trump card in the deck of modern and alternative rock. A sweet melody, a thumping bassline, a kickass guitar solo that melts your face, a vocal with no twangs, rock solid drums and a bagful of the early 00s goodness. "Everything is so blue and all I see is grey in your eyes", from the open strung intro to the altrock anthem that it builds up into, this feels like a splice of Radiohead and Switchfoot. Oceans have released a gem of a song and it is a definite Noodle recommend!

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Jyoti Shrestha

Jyoti Shrestha

Oct. 5, 2021


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