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Char Din Char Jooni

Release Date: Sept. 21, 2021

Artist: Ankita Pun
Duration: 4:49
Lyricist(s): Ankita Pun
Producer(s): Diwas Gurung
Record Label: Purbanchal Rocks
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This is a voice that can pull your heart and guts out 3 lines in. This is a voice that is tender yet strong and manages to keep you fixated on what she has to say. This is Ankita Pun and she is here with her single “4 Din, 4 Juni” which feels like a song you’d see in the 90s NTV right after Sukmit Gurung and before Kunti Moktan, but with a modern day audio. The longing, mongering, dreaminess and this thet Nepali Aadhunik-ness in the tune is definitely a soothing one. The instrumentation and arrangements are meticulous and thought out with breaks and switches – like the story that unfolds – and with the kind of dynamics and control she has in her voice, this one is destined to pierce you with every listen. A warm welcome to the Baatuli don of music. This song is a beautiful storytelling that demands your attention with every corner that it takes. “Kaalaa nayan ti, saagar sari, gahiro ani chokho thiyo, chapakkai samaune usko tyo haat haru, yaad aaucha uskai ghari ghari” – the earthiness in the way that she sings the whole song is lovely and this is a sonic time travel.

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bipin magar

bipin magar

Nov. 4, 2021

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