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Furke Chari

Release Date: Sept. 7, 2021

Artist: Meena Singh
Duration: 4:14
Lyricist(s): Meena Singh
Producer(s): Namlo Music Hub
Record Label: Independent
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Some voices – you can instantly recognize. The tenor, the shrills and the chill that it can bring hooked to a sonic memory. Meena Singh has one of those voices that can make you feel joyous and crush you at the time. However, “Furke Chari” is on the playful side of the field and is a tune one can relate to straight away. “Nepali Thet” in its essence, the guitar feels and instrumentation are well executed as Meena sings away effortlessly hitting notes, harmonies and melodies that one usually aspires for. We hope she continues to produce new music apart from the OST and movie industry that she seems to be delved in more these days. Furke Chari is a soft shawl gently resting on your face as you lay down under a tree in an open field on a breezy afternoon. This is a laid back track in its essence but we also know what she can do on intense melodies as well. We hope to hear from from her and we mean a lot more. PS. With Jaire backing her up on this one, we hope this conglomerate continues as the duo seem to perfectly complement her voice and composition.

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Subash Nepali

Subash Nepali

Oct. 12, 2021

love this song

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