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Karagar ft. Subani Moktan

Release Date: Sept. 3, 2021

Artist: Lawpacks
Duration: 4:10
Lyricist(s): Subani Moktan
Producer(s): Lawpacks
Record Label: Independent
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"Karagar" starts off with smooth alt-pop beat and blips that lulls you into its calming familiarity, but paralleled by introspection and existential angst in its structure, the song is anything but typical. Subani's vocalizations echo into the void - ghost-like, shrill, and elegantly portraying the despair of someone holding themselves back from their dreams. She excels on this one pulling off every technique effortlessly and when she came in with the whistle notes, we were stopped on our tracks for a bit. This is Subani in a Super Saiyan free form that we haven’t witnessed before and is more than welcoming. With eerie piano notes, faded voices, and a mix-bag of electric beats, this is Lawpacks, somehow at its most simple form, so you can imagine the obscurities that the producer delves into in his other tracks. A switch in pace brings a subtle change in the overall tone of the song, from hopelessness to acceptance to assurance, and it is clear that "Karagar” was always a story to tell, the kind that you’d like to read over and over again discovering new little nuances every time.

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Sagun Kayastha

Sagun Kayastha

Sept. 21, 2021

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