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Release Date: Aug. 13, 2021

Artist: Over & Out
Duration: 5:02
Lyricist(s): Nischal Gurung
Producer(s): Over & Out
Record Label: Independent
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Be it grief or be it the flow of it. Be it pain or be in the act of bearing it. “Baha” as a song title can translate to you in both ways whereas the music transcends you to your safe place. A place where melancholia takes over and numbs down anything that is making you feel blue. The music is layered, not in the sense that it has multitudes of instruments, but more in the sense that every note, subtle nuance and transition has been thoroughly planned all the way to the final mastering. Delay laden guitars, sweet basslines, delicately varying playful drum strokes and a vocal delivery that makes you want to kick back and take a long pause out of life, this song is a mood itself. The small vocal harmonies add a lovely color to the already vibrant atmosphere. “Oth rahyo shanta, soch shanta rahena, bahana banyo bikalpa, himmat ajhai ni jutena... Halla matra sunincha, awaz prasta chaina, chekiyeko chha drishya, berangin vastavikta mai santusti cha bhani, afai lai fakaunu cha”. There are ways to show how one is feeling without being over the top or generic, and this song is the epitome and a perfect example of such an honest expression.

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shreerajan shrestha

shreerajan shrestha

Oct. 7, 2021


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